Management Short Courses

Our range of Management Short Courses are designed to rapidly enhance management capacity by targeting key principles of effective management. Each program is delivered as an intensive one day workshop providing an opportunity for management groups to freely explore their unique strengths and weaknesses in relation to building and leading highly effective teams.

Employing a blended learning methodology based around peer knowledge sharing, experiential exercises, practical workplace application and reflection, the programs alternate between delivery modes to create a learning environment whereby participants remain engaged and focused. Throughout the duration of each program, participant discussions are related back to day-to-day realities and challenges ensuring learning outcomes are practical and relevant.

Undertaking a program in-house provides greater alignment and support for each individual and enhanced organisational benefit. By empowering the group to develop a shared language, operational framework and hold each other accountable, the programs equip individual managers with the knowledge and confidence to align their goals to that of the broader organisation.

Designed as a platform to assist in the development of cohesive management teams, each program aims to transform the operational quality of Australian businesses by promoting and enhancing the critical skills involved in effective leadership and management.

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