High Performing Workplace CultureHigh Performing Workplace Culture

What makes a great workplace and why do people in great workplaces continually outperform other workers by as much as 70%? Developing a robust workplace culture which aligns performance with organisational objectives is the cornerstone of good leadership. The best leaders have the ability to develop and nurture great environments where high performance is the norm.

This full day workshop provides a unique opportunity for mid - senior level managers to explore the intrinsic link between culture and performance and to strengthen their own management skills. Under the guidance of respected cultural development experts, participants explore themes associated with engagement, motivation and achievement and take a big step towards developing a high performance culture in their workplace.

During the program participants will:

  • Discover how to unify your team and get the results you want
  • Explore and understand what cultural conditioning is, why it is important and how you can influence it
  • Understand the importance of conflict in a high performance culture and how to identify and manage negativity
  • Explore the benefits of diverse cultures and how this can lead to enhanced performance

Full day interactive workshop.

This program is suitable for mid – senior level managers and can be tailored to address more specific needs of executive teams.

To undertake the program in-house, a minimum group of 10 participants is required. For associated costs please contact us for details.

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