Team DynamicsTeam Dynamics

Successful organisations are led by dynamic and cohesive management teams. This full day highly interactive program will enable management teams to work together and connect purposefully outside of the constraints of their everyday workplace. Through a series of engaging activities, teams will be forced to explore and evaluate the way they work together, and develop practical strategies to achieve organisational objectives.

Not only will participating teams benefit from evaluating their performance, they will also have a unique opportunity to learn about the DNA of high performing teams. A powerful blend of external research and practical learning will be enhanced by facilitated development sessions, allowing each team member to benefit from the collective expertise and experience.

During the program participants will:

  • Explore the characteristics of high performing teams
  • Understand the importance of team culture
  • Explore team values and norms
  • Learn how to build trust within the team
  • Learn how to make conflict productive
  • Learn how to create a culture of commitment and accountability
  • Learn how to shift focus from individual results to team results

Full day interactive workshop.

This program is suitable for mid – senior level managers and can be tailored to address more specific needs of executive teams.

To undertake the program in-house, a minimum group of 10 participants is required. For associated costs please contact us for details.

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