Embracing Workplace Innovation and ChangeEmbracing Workplace Innovation and Change

In the contemporary workplace, managing change is a constant requirement for managers at all levels. This intensive one day workshop focuses on the skills essential for driving innovation and successfully embedding change. Using a practical approach based on real world examples this workshop explores the importance of innovation in all workplaces and how innovation and change are inextricably intertwined.

Understanding how to encourage creativity and innovation and being able to successfully implement new strategies and processes will increase sustainability and lead to growth. As a leader it is important to adopt a clear vision that encourages innovation in line with organisational objectives and to develop processes that facilitate the achievement of new initiatives. The workshop has been developed to assist managers at all levels to unlock the benefits of innovation within their teams and departments and to effectively manage the change process.

During the program participants will:

  • Explore how leaders set the tone for innovation and change
  • Establish strategies to engage others in embracing innovation and change
  • Explore the way in which leaders can facilitate the development of skills needed for innovation
  • Analyse how organisational systems and environments can facilitate or block innovation
  • Apply appropriate models of change to maximise success and deal with change resistance
  • Learn how to communicate and manage the personal and process aspects of change
  • Examine stories of leadership during times of change and reflect on the principles of best practice

Full day interactive workshop.

This program is suitable for junior – mid level managers and can be tailored to address more specific needs of executive teams.

To undertake the program in-house, a minimum group of 10 participants is required. For associated costs please contact us for details.

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