Building ResilienceBuilding Resilience

During times of uncertainty, leaders are required to maintain their composure in complex environments whilst continuing to support and motivate their team. Throughout this intensive exploration of personal and team resilience, participants will quickly learn how to manage one’s self and lead others when faced with unexpected change and adversity.

True resilience is the capacity to come through adversity stronger and more capable. To this end, participants explore strategies to build a culture of change readiness and model behaviours that support others. The related issues of individual and team wellness are also considered.

During the program participants will undertake an exploration of what it means to be a resilient leader. On completion of the program participants will understand and be able to utilise the following principles of resilience:

  • Taking care of yourself in four attitudes (physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual)
  • Embracing stress as part of learning
  • Time and energy management
  • Evaluating and growing your mental models in times of change
  • Finding safety at the edge
  • Communication in crisis and the ladder of inference
  • Creating a positive, solutions-focused culture

Full day interactive workshop.

This program is suitable for junior – mid level managers and can be tailored to address more specific needs of executive teams.

To undertake the program in-house, a minimum group of 10 participants is required. For associated costs please contact us for details.

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