Embracing Workplace Innovation and ChangeAccelerated Management Program

Through a combination of two learning phases delivered across 18 weeks, the AMP enables a rapid elevation in the performance of managers as outcome focused, self-directed leaders.

The program commences with the Accelerated Learning Phase, an intensive six week period that equips participants with the knowledge and behavioural insights required for successful leadership.

The program then moves into the Action Learning Phase, a twelve week focus on embedding and functionalising new learnings as real world behaviour and action.

Informed by global best practice in applied and accelerated learning, the focus on real outcomes as an ongoing and non-negotiable component of the program underpins the emergence of a self-directed, decisive manager.

Informed by the globally respected principles of applied and accelerated learning, the focus on practical knowledge, self-directed preparation and real world application unlock the leadership behaviours and emotional agility required for leadership excellence at all levels.

The six week Accelerated Learning Phase of the program interweaves intensive workshops and short projects that prepare students to rapidly actualise learnings and insights as real world success-oriented behaviours.

The 12 week Action Learning Phase of the program sees participants take full accountability for their progress and performance as a leader. The integrated blend of Action, Reflection & Mastery Workshops and Action Planning Projects see participants unlock a decisive, success-oriented mindset, underpinned by frequent planning, action reflection.

The AMP can also be delivered as an in-house program, at a time and pace of your company’s choosing. This can be extremely effective for organisations seeking to unlock higher levels of performance and shared focus across teams. The program can be custom formatted to meet the specific needs of management groups and organisational divisions.

The Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM) works with a large number of organisations on their training requirements, including Bunnings Warehouse, Allianz, Deakin University and the ATO.

For more information on our in-house training and development solutions, go to asam.edu.au or call 1300 138 037.

Whilst the program generates exceptional outcomes across wide ranging levels of management, it is primarily designed to fast track the development of high potential, emerging and middle managers.

Accelerated Learning Phase

  • Accelerated Management Capability Assessment
  • Accelerated Management Preparation Project
Week 01
  • Accelerated Workshop- 1 day
  • Accelerated Management Project
Week 03
  • Accelerated Management Project- online briefing
Week 04
  • Accelerated Workshop- 2 days
  • Accelerated Management Project
Week 05
  • Accelerated Management Project - online briefing
Week 06
  • Action, Reflection and Mastery Workshop- 1 day
  • Graduation Event

Action Learning Phase

Week 10
  • Action, Reflection and Mastery Workshop- 1 day
  • Action Planning Project
Week 14
  • Action Planning Project- online briefing
Week 18
  • Accelerated Workshop- 2 days
  • Accelerated Management Project

The Diploma of Management is supported by a National Board of Advisors comprising an esteemed line-up of Australian experts from academia, government and industry. In addition to local members, the board is delighted to welcome the services of Professor Milenko Gudic from the Central & East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN). Professor Gudic brings a unique international perspective to this important initiative. Please click here to see the full list of our National Advisory Board members.

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