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Innovative approaches and mindsets for today’s leaders

Leading Edge is a high impact short course for professionals looking to transform their leadership capacity and career trajectory. Geared towards exceling through uncertainty and complexity, Leading Edge rapidly disrupts conventional thinking patterns and connects participants with adaptive and experimental new mindsets.

“There exists a critical and widespread need for groundbreaking development that enables rapid professional elevation so that the challenges of today and tomorrow can be met with confident, cutting edge thought and action.”

Leading Edge challenges participants to see themselves in a new light, emboldening them towards heightened levels of innovation and performance. Informed by global research into the mindsets of leaders at the top of their fields, Leading Edge equips participants to thrive in today’s unpredictable and highly competitive professional environments.

Leadership has changed. Organisations are experiencing more innovation and change than ever before. This places enormous pressure and demands on leaders, requiring them to develop the skills to lead in ways they have not had to think about previously.


  • Redefine your role and value
  • Build advantageous internal and external relationships
  • Be brave and experimental in your actions
  • Develop an adaptive and innovative mindset

Face-to-face workshop covering 4 modules

1 Day (9am - 5pm)

This high impact workshop is geared toward the singular objective of elevating performance and unlocking real world outcomes. Guided by ASAM’s elite facilitators, participants are immersed in a multi-faceted and impactful learning experience that fast tracks their development as confident, self-directed leaders. During the workshop, the tempo of the learning experience frequently shifts, maintaining an element of the unpredictable and keeping participants focused and engaged.

Moderated group discussions unlock important insights from previous experience and generate high levels of accountability to negotiated developmental outcomes. At carefully scheduled intervals, participants are asked to step back from the day’s activities to reflect on their new insights, before proceeding with a broadened perspective of self and purpose.


  • Immersive full day learning experience
  • Real world outcomes
  • Peer group interaction and networking
  • Step away from everyday responsibilities and distractions

Leading Edge is built around four distinct but complimentary modules. Through mastery of each of the elements, participants take an important step towards understanding and achieving their leadership and career goals.

Module 1 - Re-define your role and value
“What got you here won’t get you there.” Marshall Goldsmith’s famous leadership quote has never been more relevant. Stepping up to a new level of responsibility, or adapting to new challenges in your current role, means you have to confront competency traps (the skills and mindsets you developed to get here) and take on bridging, envisioning, engaging and embodying skills to succeed at a new level. This module helps you to identify and avoid competency traps through developing new situation sensors, broadening your involvement, developing leadership charisma, communicating your personal ‘why?’ and creating the necessary practical space in your schedule to truly lead.

Module 2 - Build advantageous relationships
Effective networking, within, across and beyond the organisation, is one of the factors that separates genuine leaders from mediocre managers. Communication skills and emotional intelligence are essential to building a good network which in turn can become a vital lifeline to who and what you become professionally. Leaders need to understand the interface between operational, personal and strategic networks and then become truly active and effective across all three. This module helps you to develop and leverage your communication skills, and what Herminia Ibarra at INSEAD calls ‘network advantage’ via breadth, connectivity and dynamism.

Module 3 - Be brave, adaptive and experimental
While many leadership programs promote the ‘authentic leader’, in reality authenticity can become a leadership trap that makes people feel like fakes or locks them into ‘old selves’ and an already fiercely strong comfort zone. What is needed is a new self and the capacity to be brave, adaptive, experimental and something of a chameleon. This module will help you unlock a new sense of your identity by inviting you to steal like an artist, aim to learn, continually refine your leadership style, and avoid sticking to one narrow story about what makes you effective and authentic.

Module 4 - Develop a leadership mindset
The transition to truly effective leadership isn’t a flick-switch. Nor is it an elegant curve or linear process from one state or level of capability to the next. Transformative transition requires time, patience and an appreciation for what can be irregular improvement. This module will equip you with a mindset that will help you manage the transition process, as well as tools to manage typical stages in that process: disconfirmation, simple addition, complication, course correction and internalisation. It also helps you break free of your “ought self” and to appreciate that knowing what kind of leader you want to be comes at the end of the process - not the beginning.

Registration for this program can be made via the registration form which is available for download to the right. You can also register online via the links provided or by calling the ASAM Admissions Department on Tel: 1300 138 037

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