Australian Applied Management ColloquiumAustralian Applied Management Colloquium

The Australian Applied Management Colloquium is an intensive 7 month management development program that focuses on the critical dimensions of effective management. The program provides a unique platform for frontline and mid-level managers to deeply explore their own strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as they relate to building and maintaining highly effective teams.

The Australian Applied Management Colloquium equips managers with the insights, skills and confidence to accelerate their own development as they strengthen the performance of their teams. The program is underpinned by research carried out by the Workplace Training Advisory of Australia and responds to a widespread need to increase the quality of Australian management by promoting and enhancing the critical dimensions of managing others.

The Australian Applied Management Colloquium employs a blended learning methodology based around peer knowledge-sharing, experiential exercises, practical workplace application and reflection.

Throughout the program, learnings are related back to the day-to-day realities and challenges of each participant. This process is enhanced through participant-generated discussions that unlock the existing skills and experience of participants.

The program alternates between different delivery modes to create a learning environment whereby participants remain engaged and challenged. The three primary delivery modes are the 360° Survey, interactive management workshops, and peer coaching.

Prior to the commencement of the program, participants complete a 360° feedback survey on core leadership and management competencies. Findings from the survey facilitate the development of an individual action plan that assists each participant to extract optimal value from the program.

Throughout the program, the following themes are addressed:

  • Leadership and Authenticity
  • Communication, Presence & Influence
  • Team Dynamics
  • Driving Performance
  • Leading Innovation & Change
  • Strategic Thinking and Organisational Learning
  • Purpose, Priorities and Professional Development

The Australian Applied Management Colloquium is delivered in a blend of 3 x face-to-face workshops which enables the physical connection and networking opportunities, and 8 x live interactive workshops delivered through our dynamic Learning Management System and Live Webinar Portal.

The Australian Applied Management Colloquium is designed for mid-level through to senior-level managers. The program is also appropriate for high potential individuals who aspire to progressing within their organisation to future leadership roles.

The program is offered in two delivery modes. Individuals and small groups can access public programs and larger organisational groups can undertake the program via the in-house delivery mode.

The Australian Applied Management Colloquium is supported by a National Board of Advisors comprising an esteemed line-up of Australian experts from academia, government and industry. In addition to local members, the board is delighted to welcome the services of Professor Milenko Gudic from the Central & East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN). Professor Gudic brings a unique international perspective to this important initiative. Please click here to see the full list of our National Advisory Board members.

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