The Australian Public Sector Leadership SummitThe National Public Sector Managers & Leaders Conference 2017

Effective leadership in times of change

Widely considered to be one of the peak leadership events on the Australian events calendar, this national conference provides a progressive and collaborative forum for all public sector leaders and managers to share ideas and insights around effective leadership.

The conference is the most highly attended of its kind in Australia, and provides a vital platform to explore both personal and organisational leadership whilst providing leaders and managers the opportunity to develop invaluable sector-wide networks. Delegates attend from around Australia and all public sector organisations are represented including State, Local Government and Federal.

Throughout the vast majority of the public sector, budgets, headcounts and operations are being ever-rationalised and in most cases reduced. At the same time, governance standards have been heightened and tax-payer expectation has increased. This means that leaders and managers within the sector are being asked to do more with less and responsive leadership has become paramount.

Within this context, the conference aims to strengthen the current skills of and future talent pool of public sector leaders. The overall theme of the conference is ‘Effective Leadership in Times of Change’.

Emphasis will be placed on evidence based leadership strategy, and discussions will be built around real world practical leadership examples. Participants also benefit from the strong focus given to inter-organisational collaboration and connectivity.

The overall theme of the conference is ‘Effective Leadership in Times of Change’. Personal and organisational transformation combined with the pace of modern society has put unprecedented pressure on today’s public sector leaders and managers. The conference will look at how participants can create a sustainable culture of high performance, shared ownership and values-based decision making.

• Maintaining performance during major change and transformation

• Leading beyond current challenges to a positive vision of the future

• Inspirational and transformational leadership stories

• Navigating and leading through competing needs

• Unlocking potential

• What a career in the public service means to me

• Visible and values based leadership

• What today’s workforce and community want and need from their leaders

The conference attracts an outstanding line-up of senior executives and leadership experts as guest speakers throughout the two days. Along with a range of esteemed keynote presenters from the public sector, some of Australia’s most well-regarded and engaging leaders from the private sector also participate.

Attendees come from a wide variety of organisations, agencies and services from across the entire public sector spectrum, including local, state and federal government employees. Content sessions and guest speakers will address key elements of effective leadership theory and practice, ensuring the program is of genuine relevance to leaders and managers of all seniorities. As in previous years, an allocation of diverse seating has been reserved to ensure representation from aspiring and emerging leaders and sectors, irrespective of age and experience.

For more information, please contact the Program Director:
Veronica Lake
Phone: 1300 138 037

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